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Yes this is a strange topic for a journal entry but allow me to explain. Lets examine ther human race for a moment. Men. we have strength, the brawn, the armstrong. We play football and want to fight wars. We lift weights. we skate. we surf. we show off. We are the brawn of the human race. Lets examine females for one moment. Women have the emotional strength. They have rationality. They have the power of mind. They can see through petty brute force competition and stupid male dominance.Perhaps god intended us men to have the strength so we can work for women. Think about it. Think of all the women you've met. Yes I'm sure you've met some loonys. There are always those who've lost their way. They are also the ones who desire men to be in charge. The ones who take charge do indeed know what they are doing. My own mother was like that. My Girlfriend is like that. and so is my sis. This is how life should be. men are the worker bees. Women are the queen bees. Let them take charge. <3 Alex


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United States
I was born in Portland Oregon in 198-ahh lets just skip to the good stuff

Ok so In case you haven't noticed I'm writing a sci-fi story I hope one day becomes a novel. I already created a small wiki to help me keep track of the non-spoilers. I am an Exophile (I find magical/celestial/extraterrestrial Human like beings more attractive than humans), and if you think thats weird I don't care!

I just started drawing about a few months ago, before that I would just draw these god-awful stick figures that looked like a ten year old drew them. I try to improve myself each time by copying photographs of people or animals and sometimes landscapes. Each thing I draw seems a bit better than the last so I guess It kinda works.

Other than that, I'm a college kid, who is average, bored almost every day, sleep deprived, and actually really nice once you get to know me. I try hard to love everyone I meet, and I have no problem with anyone really. I sometimes make fun of people but its not personal.

Also I am A bisexual. I don't think this site is the type of place that would have a bunch of people attack me for it (i hope *hides and prepares to dodge shoes*) and I just wanted to say that so it explains why I'm attracted to Males and females. As if that wasn't self evident in its own. Of course I could be just joking. Or maybe just calling girls pretty but am gay, or *head exploades*
But no im bi. :P

So now that you all think im a dork jk (i hope) feel free to say whatever to me (as long as its not dumb) and tell me if you like my stuff or if you want to borrow the use of my characters or you hate them all and find them annoying alien d-bag pretty boys who should all die by falling into a black hole or having their tails ripped off or something.

and by the way....


which elfquest character are you?

Your Result: Cutter
You are most like cutter. He is the leader of the elf tribe and the most skilled hunter. Cutter is loyal to his friends but when his family is in danger, he can be deadly.
Result Breakdown:
90% Cutter
89% Treestump
85% Bearclaw
82% Pike
81% Skywise
78% Dewshine
47% Rayek
Quiz URL:…

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angelenroute Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Professional Writer
Happy birthday, beautiful! Let me know if you'll be in or around NYC anytime soon. :)
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Hey buddy! Long time no see!
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awesome profile enjoyed reading and your deviations
superdes513 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like your photos; I don't care about everyone think gay sucks, I think that we all equal. To me, you are attractive
dolphinfairyboy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Fuck the gay hates! Don't let them ever get you down. Its just a stupid conservative ploy to get out of marriage benefits for men. Just keep doing what you think is right! Thanks for your support <3
superdes513 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You welcome
the-caller Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
"I am an Exophile (I find magical/celestial/extraterrestrial Human like beings more attractive than humans)"
Just out of curiosity would furries fit in this clarification?
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