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<Once there was a girl

There was a girl born of angels
Who's beauty out-shined a world of dangers
Brighter than the sun, and more beautiful than the moon
By some grace of luck and fate
we found eachother on that date
and formed a love that we knew we'd consecrate

We romped through fields of shining gold
we talked about our days of old
and with a tear in each others eyes we'd say "I love you"
And as the seasons passed us by
man we thought we both could fly
so long as we had each-other to be hold.

But she was scared it all would end
What lied around the bend
I knew we'd be together for all time
And when she cried i comforted her
and our problems all became a blur
And though we were far apart our love we could always send.

Hold on to what you have I thought
This would last forever more
We would marry some day
It'd all be ok
And ever dream they'd all come true
and all the things that we would do
we have it all planned out
We had it all planned out.
But sunshine can turn to rainy days
but if you hold on through the haze
you can be surprised just how things can last forever and ever

And When i fell down she reached out her hand
With her help i could Once again stand
and when she cried i was there
Oh I was always there

Always there

Always there

Always here for here when she needed me

Always here always here

We each came from two different worlds
But were they really all that different?
the goddess fell in love with the normal gent
They could never let us be but they will just be history
if we could only hold on
We gotta hold on......

And even after all of that I still broke her heart
I had to break her heart
Tear us apart
How it hurts to see a young girl cry
I have to ask my self why?
What did she do to deserve such pain
I see her crying please come back please dont leave me all alone
And like a fool i turn my head and walk away.
I have to turn my head and walk away.
I have to turn and walk away
I don't know what i have until its
This is for someone I ruined the life of........ I will never forgive myself
SonicMasterHero Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013
Apoligize to that person...its best solution.
CircleDreams Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
All things heal in time ...forgive yourself, you're only human : )
Neko80 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That was very beautiful and very sad. I truly hope that everything works out for you!
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August 25, 2012
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